Today I am noticing a number of things.

  • I am noticing that the joints in my hands ache. Not as much as they did a few days ago, but more than they do on a day where my fibro isn’t acting up.
  • I am noticing that my back and shoulders ache but are not clenched, which is kind of a miracle (one of my docs and I are trying a very mild muscle relaxer and it seems to be helping!)
  • I am noticing that I am exhausted except when it’s bedtime and then I want to read.
  • I am noticing that my knees ache, but not awfully. Just a bit. So does everything else. this isn’t a full on flare, just a bit worse than a day when I’m doing well.

What Does it All Mean?

Well, primarily it means that I am paying attention to my body, go me.

It also (especially the bedtime thing) means that I am stressed out and not getting enough exercise or rest. (Naturally, I need both. Too little exercise makes it hard to rest; too little rest makes it hard to exercise.)

What Can I Do About This?

Lots! One nice thing about all the work I’ve done over the last decade is that my metaphorical toolchest is huge.

Things I could do:

  • Go for a walk.
  • Do some yoga.
  • Make sure to be in bed and chilling with a book by 9:30.
  • Remember to do my PTP exercises (physical therapy for knees and neck, pilates for everything else).


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