Fan. Fanatic, really. That's me. I've been going nuts over various artists and their works since the age of about six (when I first developed a serious hankering after Darth Vader). What's unnerving is that I never stop liking them; even when I put someone or something on my fannish back burner, the mention of their name, even years later, can send me into overdrive.
Here are sites about some of my more intense, and more recent, obsessions, with information, ponderings, and more about each subject (except for the Lorre library, which is devoted to the yiffiest voice of the 20th century, Peter Lorre and just has sound files). I don't have a page up for every single one of the people/things/whatever that I love; if I tried, I'd go nuts (and besides, most already have terrific sites). I don't even have a list up anymore - it's just too time-consuming to try and keep it up-to-date.

I sometimes get asked why I'm such a Fan; a sort of answer may be found here:

Thoughts on Being a Fan

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