The Guys
The Old Lineup
The original lineup. L-R: Andy, Kenny, Roy (kneeling), Doug.
The New Lineup.  Thanks to Brett and Joan for the pic!
The final lineup. L-R: Lance, Doug, Kenny, Andy.
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Note: The information below was shamelessly stolen from the Reprise site, which is no longer available, and culled from the schpiels on "Sing it Loud." I update it when I have time, which is rarely. Sorry. Google is your friend.

  • Roy Zimmerman - Roy founded The Foremen and wrote all of their material before starting his solo career in (I thinik it was) 1997. He plays guitar and banjo, collects glass unicorns, and likes to be called "the little cowboy." Since leaving the Foremen, he's started a solo career, and he has a website,
  • Andy Corwin - Andy approached The Foremen and said he owned a stand-up bass and had played it for years. He was lying. So, he hocked his wife's mandolin, bought a bass and rounded out the Foremen roster. He also plays an electric bass, and switches easily back and forth between the two during concerts. Andy says, "There are over five billion people on the planet now. We feel if we can reach just three and a half billion of them, it's been a good day." Andy also writes great songs, and looks good in a Godzilla headpiece. Since leaving the Foremen, he's been doing lots of stuff (like singing with The Limeliters and putting out CDs) and you can learn all about it on his website, Andy Corwin.
  • Lance Guest - Lance plays banjo and guitar. If he looks familiar, that's because he's also an actor. In fact, he starred in The Last Starfighter. He's got his own page at the IMDb! Also, check out his photo gallery.
  • Kenny Rhodes - Kenny is primarily a vocalist, but also plays miscellaneous instruments (which range from tambourine to guitar when necessary). He is also an actor, fight choreographer and closet mime. Roy saw him in a musical stage show, and knew Kenny's clarion tenor voice and wonderful comic theatricalisms would be perfect for The Foremen. He's a native of Woodland Hills, CA, and his hobbies include mountain biking and triage. (Coming soon: screen captures from Kenny's appearances in Witchboard 2: The Devil's Doorway and "Police Squad"!)
  • Doug Whitney - Doug Whitney was the first person drafted for the Foremen line-up. Roy had sat in with Doug's 20's jazz band, and was impressed with his encyclopedic knowlege of the American folk idiom. "Folk music and politics go together better than most married couples," he says. Doug plays guitar, plectrum banjo, mandolin, harmonica, trumpet and Eb alto horn, and is highly opinionated about matters of little consequence. He also enjoys needlepoint, and can be seen later this year in the title role of The George Gobel Story. (Who the heck is George Gobel?)

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