Erich von Stroheim! A name that brings to mind perfectionism, the Evil Hun, and a career spanning silent films to Sunset Boulevard. Well, it is for anyone who's studied film history, anyway.

I got into Stroheim's work when I saw I was an Adventuress - Stroheim as Andre opposite Peter Lorre as Polo was such a blissful experience, I joined the vonstroheim list on Egroups. Then, at Stanford, I took History of Film: the First Fifty Years, and managed to not only see much of his other work (thanks to Eve of The Man You Love to Love and my professor) but write a term paper on him.

One of the many things I love about Stroheim is his delightful Viennese purr. So here are some sound clips from his sound films! Enjoy!

As You Desire Me
I Was An Adventuress

Coming Soon...
The Crime of Dr. Crespi
Fugitive Road
La Grande Illusion

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