Body Acceptance / Fat Activism / Health at Every Size

Not sure what to title this one!

To get things started, here’s an excellent piece by Michael Hobbes: Everything You Know About Obesity Is Wrong.

Health at Every Size is a straightforward concept: taking a weight-neutral approach to wellness. Eating well and moving more both have good effects on health, regardless of whether the person loses weight or not.

Here’s a good intro article for HAES. The book (of the same title) is mostly very good but has its own issues – the author really stuck their foot in it around privilege, which is why I hesitate to just recommend the book.

The podcast Maintenance Phase (cohosted by the afore-linked Michael Hobbes) is fantastic and I highly recommend it! Aubrey Gordon (the other host) first got noticed by the fat-reading-public for an open letter she wrote anonymously – A request from your fat friend. She’s now published a couple of books (which are GREAT) and a ton of articles.

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