• Resume and Portfolio

    Here they are! All documents are in PDF unless noted otherwise.

    • My technical writing resume
    • Examples of rewriting/editing (from 2011)
      Here are some before-and-after samples of work I did on the help system for a personal financial management application.
    • CableCARD Mechanical DVT Procedure (from 2009)
      This document details a procedure used to ensure that the CableCARD socket in a consumer electronic device is compatible with all CableCARDs and meets all durability requirements. I worked together with the hardware engineer in charge of this type of testing to create the document. It uses a template I designed from scratch in FrameMaker for internal hardware documents.
    • USB DVT Report (from 2008)
      This report is an example of the Design Verification Testing reports I compiled for the company, which organized test results and reports written by engineers into an easily-accessible format. I had to do two versions, one for internal distribution (with proprietary procedural information and other confidential information) and one for external distribution (with proprietary and confidential information removed). This is the external version of a DVT report on the USB components of a consumer electronic device that was in development at the time.
    • User documentation (from 2005)
      This is a user manual I heavily updated (I estimate about 80% of the content is mine) for enterprise software.
    • HTML Curriculum (from 1999-2001)
      I wrote this curriculum when I was working as a senior teaching aid at a non-profit learning center. It was designed for students roughly grades 4-12, but has been used for 2nd graders and senior citizens, and is still in use at the learning center where I wrote it.