• Adaptation

    by  • March 8, 2003

    Directed by: Spike Jonze Starring: Nicholas Cage, Meryl Streep, Chris Cooper Rated: Rated R for language, sexuality, some drug use and violent images. Parental Notes: This is a strange and at times violent film which younger teens will have difficulty understanding and young children will likely find too intense when they’re not utterly confused.

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    by  • March 1, 2003

    Directed by: Mark Steven Johnson Starring: Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, Michael Clarke Duncan, Colin Farrell, Jon Favreau, Joe Pantoliano Rated: PG-13 for action/violence and some sensuality Parental Notes: This is a typical dark-comic-book movie, with a hefty dollop of bone-crunching sound effects and over-the-top violence. Teenagers with a taste for comics will probably adore...

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    Gangs of New York

    by  • December 10, 2002

    Directed by: Martin Scorsese Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Daniel Day-Lewis, Cameron Diaz, Jim Broadbent Rated: R Parental Notes: Suitable for mature teens only due to violent content and mature themes.

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    The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

    by  • November 21, 2002

    Starring: Elijah Wood, Sean Astin, Billy Boyd, Dominic Monaghan, Orlando Bloom, Viggo Mortensen, Ian McKellan, John Rhys-Davies, Miranda Otto, Karl Urban, Bernard Hill, Andy Serkis, David Wenham, Brad Dourif Directed by: Peter Jackson Rated: PG-13 Parental Notes: Although the violence in “The Two Towers” is not particularly graphic, it is too intense for young...

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    Die Another Day

    by  • November 14, 2002

    Starring: Pierce Brosnan, Halle Berry, Toby Stephens, Rick Yune, Rosamund Pike Directed By: Lee Tamahori Rated: PG-13 for action violence and sexuality. Parental Notes: This film is probably too intense for younger teens, but will no doubt be popular with older kids.

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    Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

    by  • November 1, 2002

    Starring: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Kenneth Brannagh, Alan Rickman, Richard Harris Directed by: Chris Columbus Rated: PG for scary moments, some creature violence and mild language. Parental Notes: There are several scenes which may be too intense for young children, including one which involves hundreds of giant spiders. However, children who are...

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    The Transporter

    by  • October 28, 2002

    Starring: Jason Statham, Qi Shu, Matt Schulze Directed by: Corey Yuen Rated: PG-13 for violent sequences and some sensuality. Parental Notes: Although “The Transporter” is a fairly bloodless film, it is quite violent. Younger teens may find it too intense but older ones will probably love it.

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    Knockaround Guys

    by  • October 14, 2002

    Starring: Barry Pepper, Vin Diesel, Seth Green, Andrew Davoli, John Malkovich, Dennis Hopper, Tom Noonan Directed by: Brian Koppelman and David Levien Rated: R for violence, language and some drug use. Parental Notes: “Knockaround Guys” may look like a comedy from the trailers but it has a number of intense sequences inappropriate for younger...

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    Red Dragon

    by  • October 1, 2002

    Starring: Ralph Fiennes, Edward Norton, Emily Watson, Harvey Keitel, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Anthony Hopkins Directed by: Brett Ratner Rated: R for violence, grisly images, language, some nudity and sexuality Parental Notes: Older teens who liked the other films in the series will enjoy “Red Dragon” but younger teens may find the suspense and violence...

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