Interview: The Creators of ‘Six String Samurai’ Speak!

Ealasaid/ October 9, 1998/ Movie Reviews and Features, Writing

Originally written for The Occidental.

Lance Mungia and Jeffrey Falcon, the creators of the new film Six-String Samurai, granted The Occidental a pair of exclusive, over-the-phone interviews, and gave us a peek into what went into the making of the film. Mungia and Falcon met at the American Film Market, introduced by a mutual friend, and together they dreamed up the post-apocalyptic story of Buddy, one of many warrior musicians heading for Vegas now that the King of Rock and Roll is dead. (For a more complete description of the movie, see my review in issue 4 of the Occidental)

Lance Mungia

Mungia, who both co-wrote Six-String and directed the film, cites directors like Akira Kurosawa (The Hidden Fortress and Sanjuro) and Sam Raimi (Evil Dead) as his inspiration, as well as

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