Link time!

Here are some links for your perusal and enjoyment.

First, in true self-centered bloggish spirit, here’s my review of The Italian Job.

There’s also a new issue of The Red Pages up, hurrah. Forgot to announce it yesterday. D’oh.

Now, the funny stuff!

The Matrix as support for insanity plea? Now this is fun. Almost as good as the ‘twinkie’ defense. Better, actually, since it’s actually being used as part of an insanity plea in courts. Heh.

Cat Prin – tailoring for cats. This is fun, as much for the horribly translated English as for the photos. Check it out.

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One Response to Link time!

  1. jackdaw says:

    I might be able to go see the Italian Job on a big screen, but meanwhile I need to go to my favorite video store and rent the original, same title, with Michael Caine. If you haven’t seen that, try to find it, if you’re at all interested in comparisons. There’s a very memorable scene with a bunch of Minis (maybe just one? hmnnn, not that memorable, I guess :)) driven up onto the top of something that looks like the Astrodome………and the ending is truly goofy.