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Man! I have been cranky lately. I’m sure my overall lack of posts other than ones about things that piss me off already indicates as much. I just don’t have a lot to say that’s positive other than the things … Continue reading

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Neato! A new class from Johnny B. Truant and Pace Smith!

If I didn’t already have a NO MORE CLASSES moratorium on myself, I would have signed up for this already. GO FORTH AND BEHOLD THE AWESOMENESS THAT IS PROFITABLE IDEALISM! Seriously, Pace is totally awesome. Johnny is a badass. Both … Continue reading

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Comment Policy

Hrm, looks like I got linked from the Debacle timeline for my post yesterday, and that’s bringing the trolls out of the woodwork. I feel like a real blogger! Strangers are showing up to tell me I suck! (/sarcasm) So! … Continue reading

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On jokes, “jokes,” and dickwolves

… cos you know I can’t possibly not comment on a controversy that includes the word dickwolves. Seriously. DICKWOLVES. OK. The short version of what went down (for a painstaking timeline go here): Penny Arcade posted a comic months ago … Continue reading

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Homophobia and Pro-Natalism

(Pro-natalism is being in favor of people having kids, and is often used to describe situations which penalize folks who don’t have kids.) So, we know that homophobic men get excited by gay porn, which suggests that folks who get … Continue reading

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