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Tabitha, my parents’ cat, has a Catster page. She is a CRAZY cat, but cute as hell, in a pudgy way. :) Oh, and if you need more kitty goodness, check out a ton of cute kitty pix. Yay for … Continue reading

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Archimedes’ Revenge

Wow. Was loaned this fascinating book by the bf, who sez it’s one of his favorites. That’s high praise from someone who doesn’t usually read stuff not on a computer screen, so I was expecting it to be great… and … Continue reading

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Messages awaiting answers/filing/dealing with in my inbox, not counting email lists: 333 Words left to write for NaNoWriMo: ~3,000 (gotta get a few words over the limit in case my word counter is different from the official one) Gatherings (party/concert/write-in) … Continue reading

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Something Borrowed. Interesting piece there. It asks some tricky questions, especially for writers. Go read it. I may post more about it when i’m done with my NaNoWriMo work.

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I love blogging. I love the opportunity to express myself and know it can be read by the half dozen readers I like to think I have, and then be shuffled into the archives and never read again except by … Continue reading

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My horoscope for today (from says: Gathering with friends can bring you much joy, but there is also a price to pay. You can overdo it now and find yourself too tired to do what you really need. If … Continue reading

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Mark Morford says it!

Kick ass. Seriously. He makes some excellent points here, including the amazing hypocrisy of people who think that abortion is Wrong ™ but that fertility clinics, which result in WAY more dead embryos, are Just Fine ™. Rock on.

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School Vouchers

I am debating the issue of school vouchers with someone from a list I’m on, and have come to a couple of conclusions. People in favor of school vouchers have no idea about the actual costs of running a school … Continue reading

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Interesting article on childfree living. What with my age and all, I’m doing the whole “do I really want to have children someday?” mental routine fairly regularly. I mean, biological leanings and my family push me one way, my firm … Continue reading

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I’m worth $2,157,266.10! How much are you worth? Found over at alleahna’s.

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