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Going Postal

by Terry Pratchett Pratchett does it again! His books are getting more and more serious as he gets older but they speak more and more about what I will rather pretentiously call Human Truths. Good stuff. I’d write more but … Continue reading

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Monstrous Regiment

by Terry Pratchett Pratchetty goodness, this time centering on war, feminism, and what happens when people lose faith in their god and their government. Very good stuff.

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Yes, I know…

…that the comments are broken. I tried to despam too many entries at once (goddamn comment spamming bastards hammered me over the weekend) and broke MT-Blacklist. I’m getting some help from a great guy on the MT-Blacklist troubleshooting forum and … Continue reading

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What’ve I done?

Great huge meme…



I can never decide if I love it or hate it more when someone else says something in their blog/LJ/whatever that I really, really wish I’d said. Here are excerpts and links. Epicyclical sez: being silent when hateful, or even … Continue reading

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Knowing meme

Found at aldahlia, a fellow NaNoer. One of the problems with blogging is that we all think we are close, but are missing important, basic pieces of info about each other. Let

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Wednesday Whatevers

This week’s Wednesday Whatevers.

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Best Of Craigslist rules

I love this posting. Totally deserved “best of” status. I’ll copy it below for archival purposes.

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When you see this, post a bit of poetry in your own journal. Very well. Here’s a limerick by Edward Gorey: A dreary young bank clerk named FennisWished to foster an aura of menace.—-To make people afraid,—-He wore gloves of … Continue reading

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\kuhn-VIV-ee-uhl\, adjective: Relating to, occupied with, or fond of feasting, drinking, and good company; merry; festive. I rather like a convivial evening with friends, provided someone else cleans up afterwards.

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