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This clip makes me wonder if I should start watching Boston Legal. It’s the closing arguments from a recent ep, with a fantastic, impassioned speech by James Spader. Huzzah. Here’s a transcript, in case you can’t listen to it at … Continue reading

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Liberty vs. Tolerance

Yesterday I had the “privilege” of listening to Michael Farris, the founder of Patrick Henry College discussing his institution on an episode of Fresh Air. He gave me the creeps. PHC is an institution for “Christian home-schooled” kids. 7% of … Continue reading

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Yep, I did it. I set up the shelves and combined our DVD collection. Youhaas Global Corporate Headquarters now has an official DVD library. Rawk.

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Naamah wins at teh intarweb

This comment by Naamah is awesome. She’s talking about depression, and how it’s possible to claw your way out of the pit and turn your life around – if you work hard enough. My favorite bit: It is possible to … Continue reading

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In case you were wondering…

… why conservative Islamic governments like the one in Iran (and the one developing in Iraq) are so bad, consider the case of Nazanin, an 18-year-old Iranian girl who is facing the death sentence. Her crime? Fatally stabbing one of … Continue reading

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Attention span

My attention span is shortening. It’s scary. I have trouble focusing on one thing for more than a few minutes unless it is something actively created to entertain me. I suspect that the solution to this is going to involve … Continue reading

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I’m at the weblogger meetup. I’m liveblogging the meetup, and attempting not to get distracted by all the various toys on my computer (games, chat software, stories I should be working on, etc). Wish me luck! ETA: Interesting discussion of … Continue reading

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Women = females = walking incubators?

Well, there’s been a lot of hoo-hah about a CDC report saying that all “females” should be treated as “pre-pregnant” (started by this article in the Washington Post. One of the better early responses came from Bitch, Ph.D.. She has … Continue reading

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Awesome links

Darnit, my “Stuff to Blog” bookmark folder is getting all big again. Here are some links I’ve been meaning to blog about: Blogging the Bible is one ordinary Jew’s account of reading the book that forms the basis for major … Continue reading

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Man. I’m up to the C’s of my collection in the grand mp3 recatagorizing project and just listened to my all-time favorite Chamber song: The Truth About Snow White. Anybody with a taste for warped fairytales must go listen to … Continue reading

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