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Antwon has updated!

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Exploding Dog Rules

Odd drawings to make you smile:

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Fundraiser / cool sculpture stuff

Check it out: Lisa Snellings-Clark (she of the awesome Rat Author sculptures) writes about the sculpture she’s working on for Neil Gaiman, Bill Hicks, and how she thinks everybody should donate to Hicks’ memorial wildlife foundation. Check it out.

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Meme goodness

Ten things I’ve done that you may not have done: Attended a sci-fi convention while a babe in arms. Been presented to the King of the West as an infant. Practiced French Horn while camping in Death Valley. Mouthed off … Continue reading

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Gratuitous photos of my cats!

They are so cute! You’d never know it from these shots that they frequently fight and leave tufts of hair everywhere.


Cinequest Grid

For those who are interested, I have constructed a time/location grid for Cinequest 15. Download the grid as a .doc

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Cineblog is Back

My CineBlog is back for this year’s Cinequest. Go check it out!



RIP, HST I am bummed.

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Another reason to love Sars.

I totally love Tomato Nation. Sars, the proprietess, is just plain awesome. Dig this quote from a recent issue of The Vine, her online advice column. In response to a gal worried about never having another boyfriend now that she’s … Continue reading

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Referrer logs = cool!

I am a total dork. I got the bf to write me a log parser and now have a list of referrers. While surfing this, I discovered that a LOT of them are people hotlinking images from my domain. I … Continue reading

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