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More on Dr. Horrible. Contains Spoilers. And swearing.

OK, I finally watched it. It’s online here. Classic Whedon.

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Dr. Horrible

After reading this I am kind of annoyed that I didn’t catch Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog while it was free. I don’t want to pay money to watch Joss ‘The Bastard’ Whedon be all bastardly yet again. Sigh. For fuck’s … Continue reading

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OK, I’ve been letting this sit until I could write a coherent post about it. I am still not at that point. So. Please read this and this (both by the marvelous Naamah) and then take action here. The feds … Continue reading

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Privilege meme

Yay, a meme!

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Oh, good grief. I have apparently been crap at actually checking for unpublished comments lately. My humble apologies to everyone who has commented lately whose comments haven’t shown up! Y’all are whitelisted now, and should be able to comment without … Continue reading

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