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Hi, Mike!

OK, so I’m reading through Mike Birbiglia‘s old Secret Public Journal entries, and I found this one in which he says: “I don’t even Google myself anymore; I get “Google alerts.” Which means the Google Robot emails you when you’ve … Continue reading

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Firefox 3!

Well, I was a good little Mozilla fan and downloaded the new Firefox today. Apparently they’re going for a record number of downloads, so everybody upgrade their Firefox! I’m not entirely sure I like the new look, frankly, but I’ve … Continue reading

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RIP Stan Winston

Hollywood has lost an FX titan. Stan Winston, a genius of special effects, is dead. I am really saddened. I know his shop will probably endure and the folks he’s worked with will continue to produce beautiful effects, but to … Continue reading

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I Made This!

We here at Youhaas Global take our fake music very seriously. How seriously, you ask? So seriously that we have seven fake guitars, and will be acquiring an eighth with the purchase of Guitar Hero: Aerosmith in a few short … Continue reading



Naamah proposes that women complain loudly about misogyny more often. I think she is onto something. And the sad part? I don’t think to mention this shit when it happens, because it is fucking background noise. It is so endemic … Continue reading


Iron Man (novelization)

By Peter David As soon as I saw this was by Peter David, I had to get it. And when a “mistake” made by myself at sent a copy winging to me as well as to the friend I … Continue reading

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Dethklok Show = BRUTAL

So, I’m a fan of Metalocalypse. I saw the Dethklok show in Berkeley and had a great time, so when I heard Dethklok would be playing the Fillmore in SF, I had to go. Right? Right. So last Thursday, I … Continue reading

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The Attractive Power of the Asshole

or, Why Do I Dig Tony Stark When In Real Life I’d Probably Want To Kick Him In the Balls? I have a thing for assholes, apparently. Tony Stark is only the latest instantiation of this. I’m also a fan … Continue reading

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I am… an Iron Man fangirl

Well, it’s official. I’m an Iron Man fangirl. The first time I saw the movie (for my review), I loved it. I was a trifle bored in the early bits, because it’s paced like a drama and I had managed … Continue reading

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Science Fiction Omnibus

Edited by Groff Conklin Wow, this was an amazing anthology. Everything from Lovecraft to Bradbury. Conklin is an amazing editor with fantastic taste. Plus, there’s something kind of awesome about reading a book that is physically older than I am … Continue reading

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