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Wednesday Whatevers

This week’s Wednesday Whatevers.

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Scurvy of the soul

“The surprisng claim that The Fisher King makes and, I think, proves is that the old motifs of myth and romance work, move and persuade audiences who have no previous knowledge of them, because they are, if not true, then … Continue reading


Gilliam on Gilliam

A collection of interviews with the great artist/filmmaker/comedian/etc.

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Thief of Lives

by Barb and JC Hendee Sequel to Dhampir, which I read before the switchover to the new server. I”ll get a link to my review of that up when I get the old entries up.

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Otherland Volume IV: Sea of Silver Light

Wow, the last book.

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Otherland Vol III: Mountain of Black Glass

This is a great series. Really.

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Antwon has a new post up. Grab a beverage of your choice, kick back, and enjoy another Twonnish piece of brilliance.

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What’s MY writing style?

You are a freeform writer. Individualistic with asense for the different and challenging, WaltWhitman and his poetry lacking meter and rhymeis just what the doctor ordered. You’re quickto write something that the rest of the worlddoesn’t accept as poetry, quick … Continue reading

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Ack! I’ve turned into a real girly-girl. Not only did I buy a tackle box to hold my nailpolish and makeup, but… … I have so much it didn’t fit. And this is not a small tackle box.



I’ve updated to MT 2.661 and done a little amateur stuff to deter all the spam I’ve been getting in my comments lately. Woot. ‘course, I can’t get the plugin MT Blacklist to work, but hey, it’s a start. I’m … Continue reading