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How Gearbox Fucked Up Borderlands 2

OK, so the last time I blogged about Borderlands 2, it was about one of the chief designers saying something stupid and dismissive about women. And now I’m about to blog about it negatively again. And I never did get … Continue reading

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Health Survey!

OMG y’all! Redefining Body Image is doing a survey. Go take it! I found some of my answers to the questions useful, and thought I’d post them here. It’s really striking to me how much WORK my health is. No … Continue reading

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This week in ARGH

So. I spent the last week trying, as an experiment, to only post positive things on social media. I mostly succeeded (drinking + early season one of the new Scooby-Doo = bitching about Velma being a horrible abusive gf to … Continue reading

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