Comments Policy

Short Version

This is my blog, and you do not have a First Amendment right to post here. If I don’t want to post your comment, I won’t.

Longer Version

Imagine that this blog is the living room of my house. Saying stuff in the comments which I would not tolerate in my home is a quick way to get at best not-published and at worst banned. (ie, kicked out / banned from my home).

Comments which exhibit one or more of the following are far less likely to be published (though I may consider featuring them for grading):

  • Personal insults toward myself or other commenters
  • General assholery
  • Aggressive sexism

Think Wheaton’s Law, folks: don’t be a dick.

Helpful Examples!

Here is an example of discussion thread with good comments.

Here is an example of a bad comment.

Also: if you are dying to comment on a post but its comments are closed, consider that they are closed for a reason. That reason may just be “it was attracting spammers,” but even so. Leaving a comment intended for one post on another, unrelated post, pretty much guarantees it will not be published.

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