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Freedom of Smooch

I think Freedom of Smooch is a great idea.

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Checking in

Hey, all! I’m not dead, just really really really loving my new job. Seriously. My coworkers are awesome, my cube is awesome, and I’m in those early stages where all things seem possible on all my projects. …So that’s why … Continue reading

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Pimping my friends

If you’re looking for hats and/or purses, check out Kayt’s Stuff on eBay. Kayt and I know each other from Red Elvises fandom, and she helps me out with The Red Pages every month. If you’re looking for art, check … Continue reading

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This short enneagram test provided a scarily accurate result for me.

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Rich says that it is harder to write about being happy than it is about being unhappy.


I’m okay…

… but my car? Not so much. *sigh* At least AAA is being awesome. And the guy who hit me was nice. UPDATE: OK, here’s what happened, in a nutshell.


Johari Window

Touch my Johari Window! It’s a really interesting personality/relationship dingus. Check it out.

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Letter from the past

I got a letter today from my past self, via It was strange to read the words I wrote to myself a year ago. I wish I’d written more – in the intervening months, so much has changed that … Continue reading

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New review up!

My review of Firewall is up.

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Read. Here. Now. I really don’t have anything to add. As someone who is young, unmarried, and who does not want children, her story really resonates with me. I remain optimistic that forced gestation/childbirth is not in California’s future, but … Continue reading