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I’m a geek!

Took the Geek Test and got 50.29586% – Super Geek. w00t! On a side note, check out The Guy’s Guide To Geek Girls, which is pretty durn accurate in my case (except that I don’t program and do, in fact, … Continue reading


Friday Five

This week’s Friday Five.

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Those who can…

Why is it that nearly everyone who finds out that I’m An English major A substitute teacher A private tutor …assumes I want to teach for a living? On one level, I guess it makes sense – I’m a decent … Continue reading


I’m Agent Smith! w00t!

You are Agent Smith, from “The Matrix.”No one would ever want to run into you in adark alley. Cold as steel, tough as a rock,things are your way or the highway. What Matrix Persona Are You? brought to you by … Continue reading

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Felicitous pair of links

Hah! You can use your electrified jacket (article: Shocking New Jacket Hits Streets) to fend off people who wield terrible pickup lines (list: Librarian Pickup Lines). Brilliant!

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Home again, home again…

Well, I made it back from LA, so my handful of regular readers can quit worrying. :) Everything went just fine, and we had a good time to boot. Roy Zimmerman and Marc Maron totally rocked. Marc was definitely on … Continue reading

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What’s my SF Superpower?

Your SF superpower is: The Mage-Gift People would do well to stay on your good side, asyou wield magicks great and terrible. Bewareof the Dark Side, for if once you succumb,forever will it dominate your destiny. Beings who share your … Continue reading

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Red Elvises! And Stuff!

Dood. Red Elvises totally rock the house. I saw them twice this week, and dear GODS did they rock. They’re great musicians, but also great entertainers, and they have so much fun on stage that the FUN vibes just roll … Continue reading


Friday Five

This Week’s Friday Five.

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My Cats, and the weirdness thereof.

My cats are weird. Now, all cats are weird, this is a fundamental truth. But sometimes my cats bring home their weirdness in no uncertain terms.