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NaNo 2008 = DONE

I made it! In spite of having to write 5k+ each of the last three days, I DID IT! WOO HOO! Can’t type much more, my wrists are dead. Will update my various badges tomorrow.

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“Hey, Ealasaid, are you gonna see Twilight” I used to answer this with things like, “I’d rather take my eyes out with a spork” but now I’m thinking it might be worth going for the LULZ. The books are so … Continue reading


NaNoWriMo: Day 11. Wordcount: 7513

Keerist, I’m so behind. My little NaNo spreadsheet is all cheery (“You’ve fallen a bit behind, but one or two more big pushes and you should be back in business.”) but dude, I’m like 15k words behind, argh! FAIL. So … Continue reading

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Olberman on Prop 8

I know this is making the rounds, but on the off chance any of my readers haven’t seen it, here’s what Keith Olberman had to say about Prop 8. I found it incredibly moving to see how upset he was, … Continue reading


I had a plate around here somewhere…

So, why am I behind on blogging and on my NaNo novel? Here’s what I have on my plate for the next month and a half: – Try to nurse one of my beloved cats through what looks to be … Continue reading

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NaNoWriMo: Day 7

Well. If you’ve been watching my wordcount on the website, you’ll know it hasn’t moved since the day one writein. FAIL. Between the election and all the other crap on my plate (testing for brown belt, dealing with Mauser being … Continue reading


Day after

We did it! Anyone really can be president. I am so incredibly proud to have been a part of the campaign in my own small way. It’s looking like prop 8 will pass, which make me incredibly aggravated at my … Continue reading



Well, I had a whole little entry written up here, but it got eaten by my browser (stupid plugins trying to protect me from the javascript in Movable Type, grr). It basically said: I was going to post earlier today … Continue reading



Got my first day’s wordcount at the first-minute writein. Good thing, cos I have NO idea when I’ll be able to write next. GO ME. Going home now, as I have to be at the dojo in the morning at … Continue reading

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