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Youhaas Global Brings the Rock

As Antwon has already noted, he and I did the Endless Setlist in Rock Band over the weekend. Again. He sang on Expert, I played lead guitar on Expert. It was epic win. Like last time, my shoulder is sore, … Continue reading

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Spring is here! Ssspring is here!t

Life is skittles and life is beer. I think the loveliest time of the year is the spring. I do. Don’t you? ‘course you do! No, I won’t be off poisoning pidgeons in the park or anything, I just think … Continue reading

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Library Stats!

I have finished entering allll my books into my LibraryThing Catalog!! YAY! A few stats: 202 unread books (can buy more when that’s down to 180) 956 read books (nearly all of these are available for loan!) Of the read … Continue reading

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Deja Dead

By Kathy Reichs I was unimpressed with this book for two reasons, one of which is admittedly unreasonable. Firstly, I read the book because I love the TV show based on it, “Bones.” Every single thing I loved about the … Continue reading

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Someday I will learn that this is not a fruitful use of my time. As annoying as it is to abandon the field to idiots, it may well be better for my sanity. After a year or so of being … Continue reading


Music Meme

Ganked from Becca. Put your music player on shuffle/random. Post lyrics from the first 20 songs that play (ignore instrumentals!). Have your friends guess the songs – or just marvel at your strange music collection! This should be entertaining. I’m … Continue reading

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Miscellaneous links

OMG, I wish we had more space so we could adopt this cat. She’s so… so… herself. My SIL sent me the link. The cat is half Sphynx (hairless) and half long-haired-Siamese-or-something. Look: So ugly that she’s beautiful. In other … Continue reading

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An Exercise in Vanity

Self-Googling is fun. :) Places I found my name today: A review of The Libertine, which calls my thesis “fascinating, and surprisingly easy to read”, where my review of the film is quoted. A beautiful writeup about Antwon’s … Continue reading

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Obama = Muad’Dib

Via Hedtke, The Dune Theory of Democratic Politics, Revised posits: Barack Obama is the the Democratic Party‚Äôs Kwisatz Haderach. He is the shortening of the way, the one who shall give meaning to our lives and make our planet anew.. … Continue reading

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Abortion Providers are Awesome

Today is both The International Day of Awesomeness and the National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers. Coincidence? I think not. Abortion providers are freakin’ awesome: Unlike their pro-forced-birth opposite numbers, they give information on your options if you don’t … Continue reading

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