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More medical crap

My health as been sufficiently lousy lately (I have had the same damn headache since mid-June, and that’s just the start of it) that my health team is running oodles of tests on me, including an MRI. One of the … Continue reading

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This weekend’s Guitar Hero shindig was a smashing success. Behold! Photos! Video! We had a great turnout and everybody was heaps of fun. Can’t wait for the next one. :D

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SCOREHERO/GUITAR HERO PARTY WOOO! Our apartment is full of people WAY better at Guitar Hero than me. It is awesome. We have tripled the number of consoles in the house (gotta have hacked PS2s to play custom tracks, after all) … Continue reading

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Woo! A Winnar Iz Me!

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Nerdapalooza is being postponed. Time to cancel that RV registration.

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LJ: We Know Drama

Man. SixApart has stuck their foot in it again. Since they bought LiveJournal they’ve just been messing things up over and over. The latest thing is that they’re banning folks who’ve shelled out $150+ on the service, with no warning, … Continue reading

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Crap like this is why I am a huge supporter of the right of homosexuals to marry. It reminds me of a conversation I had shortly before marrying Antwon: Me: Well, getting married isn’t going to change anything between me … Continue reading

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Nerdapalooza is Coming!

Man. So psyched. Just made the reservations for an RV spot at Redwood Acres, where Nerdapalooza is happening. THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING OMG! RAWK! The details, since they’re not posted in easy-to-find places for some reason: WHAT: The biggest Nerd … Continue reading

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7:02pm – Elke has arrived, so I guess the Bloggers meet has officially begun. She found us a table in the warmer front area of Coffee Society, yay.

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