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Rabies Vaccination: Dose 1

I love bats. LOVE. Lovelovelove. They’re awesome. Adorable. Useful (some bats in my area eat up to a thousand mosquitoes in a single hour when feeding!). So I decided I wanted to do bat rehabilitation someday — that’s where people … Continue reading


Oh no they *didn’t*! Actually, yes, they did.

Naamah sums it up. I am reprinting everything she posted to make sure y’all see it. PLEASE ACT. My own actions are below the cut. I’m really tired of making this post. For all y’all who thought, “Well, I’ll do … Continue reading


The Dark Knight Hilarity

GNN Interviews The Joker. If you haven’t seen it, go check it out. Hilarious comedy sketch video thing. I think my favorite part is Batman and Joker going back and forth, all, “You suck!” “No, you suck!” (Props to Dylan … Continue reading

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