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I Am Not A Doctor, But… Issue 1: Fibromyalgia

First, a disclaimer: I AM NOT A DOCTOR. IF YOU ARE ILL, SEEK ADVICE FROM YOUR MEDICAL PRACTITIONER, ETC ETC ETC! That said, I am a person with fibromyalgia, and I recently posted to a list I’m on about the … Continue reading

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Things I am Thankful for…

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Somehow, this does not surprise me.

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Robert Altman is dead. He will be missed.

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This video is awful UCLA security guys tasered a student a bunch of times while other students were yelling for them to stop and demanding their ID numbers. The student wasn’t even fighting back (though he was mouthing off quite … Continue reading



I Crossed 9k today on my NaNo Novel, YAY! That means I only have to write…. um …. 11,000 words by Sunday to get back on track by the next milestone. Crap. I swear, I don’t think I’ve been this … Continue reading

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Bottle of Blog sums it up: “It wasn’t just Republican Congressmen who took a “thumping” yesterday. Apparently, the few remaining grown-ups in the modern Republican party grabbed the Oedipal Boy King by his hair and dragged him out behind the … Continue reading

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Vote! … if you want.

I’ve been reading this LJ post and its comments for a while, and I now have a lot to say. The gist of it seems to be: There are people who hate the current political system so much that they … Continue reading


Balancing act

Or, Why Ealasaid Can’t Do That Thing With You Tomorrow/Next Week/Ever.

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Jonathan Coulton rules.

Check out Jonathan Coulton’s music, which is geekariffic and awesome. I’ve been listening for about an hour now (I downloaded all his free songs, and shelled out a buck for Re: Your Brains, which is amply worth it). Faves so … Continue reading

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