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Just what I need, another huge project

I’ve taken the dive and started categorizing my music. I’m doing it by shuffling the actual .mp3 files into folders, then I plan to use Tag & Rename to set the genres to the right ones. I’m adding folders as … Continue reading



Well, I survived being Maid of Honor at my oldest friend’s wedding (by which I mean the wedding of the person who has been my friend longest of all my friends, not the oldest person who is my friend). Aggravatingly … Continue reading

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Girl! I wanna take you to a gay bar!

In other news, Gay Bar is, like, the best song ever. It makes me want to rawk. And the Rathergood video has kittens AND puppies. So awesome.



Rawk. MC Dope Dope now has a list of nerdcore artistes! Go MC Dope Dope! This is a totally useful list right here. Of course, it doens’t help me much with my attempts to identify a handful of nerdcore tracks … Continue reading

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More good news!

Firstly, my car is finally repaired after that accident. “But Ealasaid,” I hear you cry, “that was two months ago!” Yes, yes it was. But the body shop kept ifnding more and more things that were wrong with it, and … Continue reading

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Holy cow, I’m building up a list of links to blog again. We can’t have that or I’ll wind up with another huge backlog. :D So! Links! This Campari ad is totally hot. Joi de Livre was right. I hella … Continue reading

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The big question

After three years of serious dating, it happened. The bf asked me to marry him. I said yes. I’m engaged! He took me out to “our” place, Scopazzi’s, and asked after a fantastic meal. He had the stones, now we … Continue reading


Allergy diet

Wow. So I’m seeing the docs over at HealthNOW to see if they can help my fibro, and they are putting me on a food elimination diet. Basically, you quit eating all the things that are common allergens in food … Continue reading

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Take the Lead\

A slightly cheerier post: My review of Take the Lead is up.

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I hate Mondays

So far today, I have: …utterly failed to leave for work early because the alpha testing stuff for work I am doing at home took about ten times longer than I expected, …taken three tries to leave the house because … Continue reading

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