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Any literalist Christians among my readers?

I would really love to hear a literalist (someone who believes every word in the Bible is literally true) explain the following two verses: Numbers 23:19 God is not a man, that he should lie, nor a son of man, … Continue reading



I’m not dead, just busy. Work has taken a turn for the busy, but at least I’m feeling productive. Yay. On the fibro front, I have been declared amoeba-free (yay!) and tried both alcohol and gluten. I had a glass … Continue reading

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Legal excitement

My pal Conrad is an attorney in Las Vegas. Check out this interview about his latest case (click the link under “Build your own Newscast”). He is the guy with the shaved head who’s Dean’s attorney. This case is getting … Continue reading

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Snakes on a Box Office!

Check it out, “Snakes on a Plane” made 1.4 million Thursday night alone. Kick ASS! It was a totally fun flick. Best moment of watching it (slightly paraphrased): Sam Jackson, to Plucky Stewardess: Let’s get these people some air! Me … Continue reading

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Yeowza. This sequence is why I love Frollo so much. Tony Jay, who voiced him, was amazing. Sadly, Jay has passed away. Blessings to him, wherever he is now. He was a talented man.

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Awesome, fabulous women

I think I should start a fanclub for 50-something (or older!) female bloggers who kick ass. So far I have found two: Marn, who gardens on a scale that involves backhoes and bulldozers and lifts weights like there’s no tomorrow … Continue reading

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You may have found yourself musing occasionally, “Ealasaid sure can be irregular about letting me know how she’s doing. I wonder how her health is? How she’s feeling?” Well, now you can find the answer as easily as you can … Continue reading



I thought the “Girls Gone Wild” videos were sickening already, and that the guy behind ’em was a dirtbag. Well, now I know he is. He’s disgusting. I hope justice catches up with him big time. He should be in … Continue reading

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Do your self a favor… READ!

via Amber OK, as soon as the unread collection is down a bit, I gotta read these books, determined by right-wing nutjobs to be “the most harmful” of the last 100 years or so: The Communist Manifesto Mein Kampf Quotations … Continue reading

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Well, dayumm.

You may have said to yourself, “self, I seem to remember that Ealasaid has a bunch of unread books. I wonder how she’s doing on making her way through them?” Well, here’s the answer. I got a new bookshelf today … Continue reading