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Today’s links

Keanu Reeves: Wooden wonder boy – Sars of and Tara take on Keanu in one of their hilarious MSNBC articles. This is awesome. Actually, check out all their articles – these gals are brilliant. Dover Stained Glass Coloring Books … Continue reading

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The Friday Five

This week’s Friday Five.

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Today’s Miscellany

And… here we begin another day’s collection of links. Romance of the Jedi – recut trailer for Star Wars Episode III. Funny stuff. Part of a trailer remix competition. – Remixed trailer for The Shining. This will mess with your … Continue reading

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Miscellaneous links

There’s something handy about having an entry open all day where I can cut and paste awesome links that turn up. Keeps me from building them up in a “blog this!” folder, anyway. Today’s links: Buttprints in the sand – … Continue reading

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The Gory Spoilery Alphabetic Guide to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

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Douglas Addams sums up the blogger mentality: People who are trying to decide whether to create a blog or not go through a thought process much like this: The world sure needs more of ME. Maybe I’ll shout more often … Continue reading

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Squirrels – pix of squirrels, some taken with a remote. There are some AWESOME photos here. (found via FlickrBlog Behe’s 15th-century science – intelligent design gets spanked. Very funny article. (found via… um. Someone on my blogroll. Crap. Don’t remember … Continue reading

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by Terry Pratchett Wow. Pterry’s books just keep getting better. This one moved me to jaw-gaping mind-boggled suspense on several occasions and almost made me cry about three times. But then, I’m a huge sucker for Sam Vimes. My only … Continue reading

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I can’t decide whether to keep up a separate blog for NaNoWriMo or not. I mean, on one hand it seems silly to have a separate blog which lies fallow 11 months out of the year. But on the other … Continue reading

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