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Man. I am almost at the end of vacation and have seen eleven movies. No wonder I’m so tired! Check it out. Italicized movies were added on and not part of the original list

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Vacation Movies, Day 10

Saw “The Life Aquatic” yesterday. It was pretty darn good. Elkit already did a good blurb on it, and I will second most of what she said. I wish I were more familiar with David Bowie’s work so I could … Continue reading

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Vacation Movies, Day 9

Saw “Closer” tonight (well, last night, as it’s past 12). It was awesome, but kind of a bummer. Okay, REALLY a bummer. People work very hard to mess up their lives, don’t they? I felt that Larry (Clive Owen!) was … Continue reading

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I [Heart] My Neuros

One great thing about my Neuros (out of the many) is that it has forced me to actually organize my MP3s and get them properly ID tagged. I have been doing this with two programs: Tag&Rename and MusicBrainz. The former … Continue reading

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Vacation movies, days 7 and 8

Well, I took day 7 (Sunday) off because I could safely do so without mussing my one-a-day average (plus my brain was starting to wilt). Day 8, yesterday, I saw “House of Flying Daggers.” It was pretty, as expected, and … Continue reading

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Vacation Movies, Day 6

Saw “The Aviator” with my parents yesterday. It was AMAZING. Funny and sad and exciting. Also kind of scary. Neat effects and gorgeous airplanes and everything. SO COOL. However, I defy anybody who says I have OCD to see that … Continue reading

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Bragging time!

Best. Christmas. Evar. I got so much totally awesome stuff that I’ve been wanting but couldn’t afford! The bf gave me a Neuros MP3 Player, among other things. My grandfather got me the UK editions of the four most recent … Continue reading

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Vacation Movies, days 4 and 5

Thursday I saw “Casablanca” with my family – rawk! I somehow never noticed how cool the Captain is. Gotta love that dry irony. Friday I saw “The Machinst” and “Team America: World Police”. Boy, there’s a double feature for you. … Continue reading

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Vacation Movies: Day Three

Saw “I Heart Huckabees” today, and my brain hurts. It was really, really good, but really really weird. It also had a great quote I loved but don’t remember the exact wording of: “Everything is connected. But it’s nothing important.” … Continue reading


Privacy and Blogging

My Dad sent me this link to an interesting article about privacy and blogging. I’ve been pondering about privacy and blogs for a while now. It’s tempting to be exhibitionistic – blogging about persional matters gets one attention and feedback … Continue reading