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So, if introverts are people who find other people tiring while extroverts are people who find other people energizing, but I find MOST people tiring but some people energizing, what does that make me? Partially introverted, I guess.

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Well, I saw Serenity tonight. Joss Whedon, it appears, must join Peter Jackson in my list of “Directors I Love But Also Really Hate.” If I ever meet him, I will be severely tempted to slap him. Repeatedly. That said, … Continue reading



I am making a bunch of calls today trying to find my favorite knee brace. I was on hold for quite a while as a guy checked for me, just now, and the hold music had a refrain: “Baby, I … Continue reading

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Pterry and me

Pterry and me, properly Originally uploaded by Ealasaid. I met Terry Pratchett again last week. Sorry I didn’t blog it sooner! He spoke a little and signed books for ages, poor man. Two things I have to brag about: 1) … Continue reading

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Taking the plunge

Wow. I was emailing with my training partner and realized that not only have I commmitted to showing up early twice a week to class for the forseeable future so he and I can practice for my test, but the … Continue reading

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Help! OK, I know I have like three readers, but still. I VIVIDLY remember visiting a really awesome site in the last week or two. It let you do custom shirts, bags, hoodies, etc. You could get letters, words, graphics, … Continue reading



I have considered myself a writer for years, but sometimes I read things which remind me that 90% of the writing I do is the equivalent of slapping blobs of fingerpaints with flat, open hands. People like Dervala (my Dad … Continue reading


Oh, for crying out loud…

One of the dangers of using my wishlist as a combination wishlist and “note to self: buy this some time” list is that it gets unbelievably HUGE at times. Also, I sometimes forget what’s on it. Mind you, this … Continue reading

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This is my second day in a row home sick from work with The Cold From Hell. I am running a fever, hence the staying home. However, I have some observations now about staying home – I think this is … Continue reading

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I haven’t blogged about Aikido in a while, which is lame. I’ve been training quite a bit – not as frequently as I’d like, mind you, but quite a bit. About 3 times a week, I think. After next week, … Continue reading

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