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YAY! Mind you, I promised myself that I’d finish the book I have to read for my tutoring student before starting HP7, but still. I HAVE IT! I now have the whole series. Go me.


East of Eden

By John Steinbeck Man. After Moby Dick, the first third or so of this seemed refreshing and awesome and interesting. Then all the things that annoy me about American lit in general and Steinbeck in particular started bugging the crap … Continue reading

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I’ve posted a bunch of photos lately! Photos from the 2007 All-Star Game in SF. I also did a library tour, starting with the above photo. There are new pix of the cats up, too.

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Further proof that I am a huge geek

I just paid a deposit on a custom-made belt and vambrace for my Halloween costume, which is a recreation of a character from Guitar Hero. I am SUCH a dork.



I was sorta tagged by Junglemonkey. 1. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself 2. Tag seven people to do the same. 3. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag whoever to do it.

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – pre-read musings

As many of my readers know, I am a die-hard purist when it comes to modern books originating in the UK. I buy Terry Pratchett and JK Rowling’s books through so I can get the UK editions. As a … Continue reading


Moby Dick

By Herman Mellville I read this because the gal I tutor had to read it, and I wanted to help her out. Oh, the pain. Note to self: next time, read the Cliffs Notes. It wasn’t as horrid as I’d … Continue reading

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Dead Witch Walking (Rachel Morgan, Book 1)

By Kim Harrison Rachel Morgan is a witch in a slightly alternate version of our world. Years ago there was a plague started by a bio-engineered tomato and many regular humans died. Like, most of them. The nonhumans – witches, … Continue reading

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Proven Guilty (Book Seven of The Dresden Files)

By Jim Butcher I put off reading this book so that I wouldn’t be left where I am now: desperate to read more about Harry Dresden, but unable to do so unless I shell out for the hardback of the … Continue reading

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Stealing Jesus

By Bruce Bawer Catching up on a backlog here. This is an awesome book. Some will argue that it’s too angry, but I don’t blame Bawer for being angry at fundamentalists. He’s a gay Christian, and fundies are not only … Continue reading

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