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Oh, dear

Found a pic of m’self and the others at the Dead Monkey Party at the Discworld Con. Here’s the whole gallery. We do look rather the worse for wear, don’t we? For what it’s worth, l-r: Jen, me, Katherine, Mark, … Continue reading

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Dammit! When are the Wadfest photos going to be up? I wanna see pix, dammit! It sounds like it was a great weekend… *sniffle*

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Monday Mission 2.39

1. Who has authority over you?Too many people, starting with my parents. 2. Where do you go to get a feeling of community?Conventions. Out clubbing. To the movies. 3. What do you do, or have you done, in your life … Continue reading

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Y’all may remember that I mentioned a little film called “Secretary” recently. Well, I saw it last night. I reviewed it for the Milpitas Post, but this review from will probably give you a better idea of the film … Continue reading

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D’oh! Late as usual.

Thursday Thumbtwiddler 1. You’re driving late at night through a deserted but safe neighborhood. Suddenly, a dog darts out in front of your car and you hit it. Do you stop to see how injured it is? If you found … Continue reading

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According to this test I’m an Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Judging type. Read that that means here. Pretty cool. Most of the stuff is spot on and the rest is pretty darn close. Also, apparently good role models for me (according … Continue reading

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Hey! Happy Birthday, GeekyChick!

It’s GeekyChick’s birthday today! Happy Birthday to you,Happy Birthday to yooouuu,Happy Birthday dear GeekyChick,Happy Birthday to you!!!!!

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Did I really not update yesterday? Shame on me. Well, it could be because I spent most of yesterday running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Hooked up with Richard (a cool dude I met at the … Continue reading

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Link time! YAY! I probably should dole these out over several days, but I feel like binging. So sue me. I crave your distinguished indulgence (and all your cash) – A wonderful Salon article about Nigerian Email scams. This piece … Continue reading

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Two Things

I have just two things to say today: Applying for forbearance of loans is a pain in the patootie if you owe Snotfard University, but hella easy with the infinitely cool SallieMae. Y’all better watch out when I have some … Continue reading

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