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Funny Spiderman Link

Breadbox Version Excerpt:EVIL WILLEMLuke, I am your father.TOBEY MAGUIREHuh?EVIL WILLEMOh, um?Tobey, I am your best friend’s father. Join me and we will blow shit up.

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LotR stuff

Check this out, if you haven’t already. Mucho funny LotR stuff. Kudos to Anna for the link.

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More tests

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Nothing exciting to report. I’m still obsessed with Willem Dafoe. I managed to get my aunt from saying “he’s ugly” to “I guess I can see how he might be considered attractive” in just a few hours, go me! That’s … Continue reading

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I forgot to mention that over the weekend I installed Trillian, a killer chat program that lets me run ONE program instead of three and still chat with all my friends. Basically, it can interface with AIM, ICQ, MSN, IRC, … Continue reading

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Long weekend! But fun. I saw Garbage in concert last night – went with a couple of friends. They rocked (the band did) even though Shirley was losing her voice. Way cool. Not much else to report, really. Haven’t had … Continue reading

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More Willem

So my aunt asked, in a comment to my last entry, who Willem Dafoe is. *sigh* Willem Dafoe is an actor, based in New York, who does both stage and screen work and tends to pick weird rather than mainstream … Continue reading

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More BDS

Watched Boondock Saints with my folks last night. They seemed to like it almost as much as I do. Dad even coined a phrase that is catching on over at the BDS message boards: “Laying the Smeck down.” Heheh. Man, … Continue reading

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So … since I couldn’t watch my Boondock Saints DVD, AND I couldn’t play Diablo II at the game tonight (the server was down), I made Agent Smecker wallpapers. Behold! Click to enlarge. Feel free to use ’em yourself, but … Continue reading

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