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The Lost One: A Life of Peter Lorre FINALLY FINISHED

by Stephen Youngkin Short, irritated review at the original post. (Book 3 in 2008)

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Mossad Exodus

By Gad Shimron Got this book through the Librarything Early Bird Reviewer program, and am so glad I was picked! This is one heck of a story. It’s a first person account of the rescue of refugee Ethiopian Jews by … Continue reading

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Woo Hoo!

I have finally finished entering alllll my “read” books into LibraryThing! Yay! I have 951 books in that category, wow. And they are all available for loan!

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Books books books

See my booklog update. :)

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Surviving a Borderline Parent

By Kimberlee Roth Although nobody in my family has a BPD diagnosis, this book was recommended to me as a way to look at some of the dysfunction I grew up with. I found it incredibly useful — in large … Continue reading

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What teachers make

This slam poem is a beautiful explanation of why teachers are so important and why how much they are paid is irrelevant to what they make. Talor Mali rules. It’s an inspiring vid. Kudos to my Dad for sending it … Continue reading

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When I grow up, I want to be…

Layer asked, “so… what did you want to do [when you grew up]? and if it isn’t what you’re doing now, why not?” I have a tote bag which reads, “When all the little girls wanted to be ballet dancers, … Continue reading



Defeating Assholery, One Sexist Idiot At a Time. Freak Magnet lays the SMACK DOWN! Stories like this make me happy. I hope I will have the courage to stand up to large drunken men if they ever behave like this … Continue reading

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