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Harry Potter

I have posted a long, VERY SPOILERY blurb about the new Harry Potter book in my booklog. Please comment over there to keep this post spoiler-free. Yeah, the book came out a week ago, but some folks are slow readers. … Continue reading

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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

by J.K. Rowling Man. This book has generated tons of controvery among the Potter faithful, and while I’m not as outraged as some folks seem to be or as irritated as others, I’m not exactly jubilant, either, mainly because this … Continue reading


Abundant Peace

by John Stevens Just started this. It looks fantastic, though. (book 21 in 2005)

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The Art of Peace

by Morihei Ueshiba Translated and edited by John Stevens Also includes two essays by Stevens about Ueshiba. This is a great, if brief, look at the foundations of Aikido philosophy. The essays examine Ueshiba-sensei’s life and his martial teachings, and … Continue reading

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O Frabjus Day!

Love at First Bite is out on DVD! My life is now complete. (Duh, of course I bought it on the spot)

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IT CAME!!! IT CAME!!!!! Now I just have to find time to read it.



I pre-ordered the new Harry Potter book from you. You said it shipped last week. WHY ISN’T IT HERE YET?!?!?!!??!!??! It seems like all my friends have already finished reading it. AUGH! Desperately, Ealasaid

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I somehow forgot to blog the fact that I got interviewed for an episode of Sattellite of Grace, my pal Lise’s podcast. SO COOL. She did some great editing to make me sound a lot more fluid than I did … Continue reading

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This game is highly addictive.