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Allia Postem in Tres Partes Est

Well, I have three items of business: Damn! I can’t install SpamLookup for some reason. It’s not working. Yay! I successfully ordered an 80-hour TiVo for $99 (after mail-in rebate) via their website. For a minute it looked like they … Continue reading

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Today I deleted a legit comment by accident. It got mixed in with the spam I was batch-deleting during lunch. That’s it. I will have some free time here before I leave to go home but after I’m off the … Continue reading

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Deaf raves in the UK. Found via Faisal.

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\pyoo-suh-LAN-uh-muhs\, adjective: Lacking in courage and resolution; contemptibly fearful; cowardly. Most people these days are too pusillanimous to stand up to the corruption in the government and organized religion.

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\dih-TRY-tuhs\, noun; plural detritus: 1. Loose material that is worn away from rocks. 2. Hence, any fragments separated from the body to which they belonged; any product of disintegration; debris. Her desk is cluttered with the detritus of a hundred … Continue reading


Origins of Modern Witchcraft

By Anne Moura This is an interesting pop anthropology text. Moura doesn

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So my doctor asked me today if I’ve given any thought to having kids, and that lead to an interesting discussion on the topic. One of the things I told her (nothing like getting a full physical to make you … Continue reading


What a mess.

Really, this post says it all. Microsoft withdrew its support from a gay rights bill, which then lost by one vote. One vote. Burningbird says it way better than I could, so go read there. (thanks for the link, dad)

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I have 188 messages in my inbox. 69 of them are unread. And that’s just my primary inbox. We won’t discuss how many messages, read or unread, are in my Lists folders. Even the lists I moderate aren’t getting paid … Continue reading

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I’m a mommy!

Well, by proxy. I almost forgot to mention that I adopted a bat today! His name is Little E, and you can read all about him here. I can’t wait to get my bat package so I can have a … Continue reading