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My body is rebelling

Apparently going several weeks without a proper sleeping-in-on-the-weekend and then spending about a week getting only 7 hrs a night instead of 8 and then having houseguests has pushed it over the edge. Yesterday I was so tired I took … Continue reading



More pix here! And before you ask, no it’s not actually gonna be blue. The wax it’s carved out of is blue; it’s going to be cast in platinum. :)


Feminist Forum

OK, inspired by Molly and Pandagon, I am opening a forum for my readers to ask me questions about feminism! :D I know, I know, they have a jillion more readers than me, but hey, why not? I’m filching Molly’s … Continue reading


General update, LJ style

A general update for them as are curious. I have a lot on my plate at the moment:

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Who’da thunk?

I’m a Liberal!

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We’re hanging out at Coffee Society for the blogger meetup. Where y’all at? (Note to those new to my liveblogging entries… just click “reload” periodically if you’re reading this in real time to get updates live from the meetup!)


The Libertine

I have finally seen “The Libertine” – It certainly nailed Rochester‘s self-destructive tendencies, but it ultimately pushes him too far over the edge into a charicature of himself, if such a thing is possible. It’s an odd movie, which seems … Continue reading

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I’m back from Minnesota. My first ever trip to the midwest! Neato! It was a great time, but now I’m at home resting up before heading back to work tomorrow. I’m pretty beat. It’s amazing how tiring having a great … Continue reading

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Self-centered whining

Sometimes it feels like my fibro is taking over my life. I mean, I try to exercise 4+ times a week because it helps my fibro so much. I go to HealthNOW three times a week (which takes a total … Continue reading



Whoa. Mystic Atheism. My mind, she is blown.

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