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Unconscious Mutterings

This week’s Unconscious Mutterings.


w00t! Yes, more on gay marriage.

Wil Wheaton said it really well so I won’t reiterate. Basically, Bush is a liar. His whole “I’m a uniter, not a divider” spiel has been shown to be a big lie by his determination to amend the Constitution to … Continue reading

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Misc. Notices

I am not dead. I am sick, however – with a headcold. If I had a dime for each time someone asked if / assumed that I was gonna review The Passion of Christ, I’d be well on my way … Continue reading

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Wow. My life is really revolving around writing these days. Check it out:

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Neat tool

Wanna write to all your local newspapers? Well, has a neat tool that lets you write a letter and click which of your local papers to send it to. Handy, that. Even for non-Bush-supports, eh? (found via this article … Continue reading

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I am so disappointed in Orson Scott Card. Not because he’s against gay marriage, he has the right to have whatever opinion he wants. No, I’m disappointed because his article is so irrational. I’d do a long, detailed refutation of … Continue reading


Wednesday Whatevers

This week’s Wednesday Whatevers.

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No duh.

Scholars find fault with Gibson’s “Passion”. Nice to see that a bunch of the stuff scholars are bitching about is stuff I already pointed out to various friends in discussions. I mean, sure, some of it is stuff you can … Continue reading

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Roger Ebert reviews The Passion of The Christ. I am really impressed by his review because it’s so thoughtful and honest. He’s not particularly religious (although he used to be an altar boy, apparently), but I think he shows great … Continue reading


Grab Bag

This week’s Grab Bag

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