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By Marjane Satrapi This is a totally awesome comic. It’s about women in Iran – mostly about their sex lives and married lives. I was fascinated by it. So much was familiar (nosy relatives) and yet unfamiliar (Iranian culture). I … Continue reading

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Bloggish musings

As someone who blogs under her own name, on her own website and without a pseudonym, I am aware that employers, friends, potential employers, and loved ones will probably read my blog. This means that when I blog, I really … Continue reading


Linkety Link

Some schmuck tried to drown a cat but she was rescued, yay! Gals who, like me, get irked by how tricky it can be to pee while out hiking/camping/rock climbing may be interested in The Whiz (no, I am not … Continue reading


Vacation+sick Ealasaid = memes

Girly Girl meme, via Naamah.

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Geeky frustration

Firstly, my printer died. It was a Canon, and they felt badly that their tech support couldn’t resurrect it, so they gave me a 10% discount on a new one. Yay! But when my new PIXMA iP1600 arrived, it didn’t … Continue reading

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Via Feministe.

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I have a cold. I hate being sick on vacation (although since, as a contractor, I don’t get sick days, I guess it’s better than being sick and having to go in to the office anyway). It’s all in my … Continue reading

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As promised!

As promised, here’s my review of the Diva Cup and Lunapads I bought from Lunapads. If frank discussion of menstrual matter bugs ya, don’t keep reading.

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Man. Christmas has been crazy. First there was all the chaos getting ready, then there was all the aftermath-chaos (read: recovering from eating too much and having tons of fun, trying to find places to put away all my new … Continue reading

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OK, I admit it. I freakin’ hate the Girls Gone Wild videos. So the fact that the creator of them was robbed at gunpoint and forced to make a sexually demeaning videotape just seems awesome to me. On a more … Continue reading

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