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by Ellen Kushner Oh, man, I liked this book a lot. It has a lot of things going for it. It’s a fantasy novel of sorts, though it’s more about sword-fighting and intrigue and politics than fantastical monsters or magic. … Continue reading

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Flickr Meme

I got tagged by Turtle with a Flickr meme, woo! The idea is, you go to the sixth page of your flickr stream and post the sixth photo on the page, then tag six people. I’m not generally a tagger … Continue reading

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Sandman: The Dream Hunters

By Neil Gaiman This is a stunningly beautiful book. Gaiman’s text is (as always) haunting and evocative and wonderful, and Amano’s illustrations are strikingly gorgeous. It’s interesting to read a Sandman story that’s basically a short story with big illustrations, … Continue reading

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