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In case you missed it…

If you haven’t been reading my NaNoWriMo blog, you should know that I finished NaNo a winner again this year! Go me! This is my fifth time. I feel awesome. There are excerpts and stuff over in my NaNo blog. … Continue reading

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Well, I did it.

After over a year with my old webhosting, I have moved my site to Pair Networks. “But Ealasaid,” I hear you cry, “I thought you got free hosting from your boyfriend???” This is true. But his server, venerable though it … Continue reading

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Another Fibro post

This is a followup to Fibro 101. So, now that you know what Fibro is like in general, are you wondering what it’s like for me?


Vampire Hunter D

Well, I’ve been a fan of Vampire Hunter D since I saw the film ages ago, and now I’ve finally gotten to read the book. Now, it’s a translation from the Japanese, so I have no way of knowing whether … Continue reading

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I almost filed this under “Political Shtuff”, it being right next to “Pure Ego”, and yanno, that category kinda fits too. Today I ordered a DivaCup from Luna Pads. It came in a pack deal with two of their Luna … Continue reading

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Holy Schlamoly, I did it!

I have finally finished moving all my movie reviews over to the new archive. Hooray! So if you’ve ever wondered what I thought of your favorite film, head on over and use the search box to see if I’ve reviewed … Continue reading

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Check it: my Mom is co-organizing her 40th High School Reunion: Covina High School Class of 1968 Reunion. Dad’s helping with the website, and I’m running the email list (for now, anyway).

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Another wrinkle in the “Should I buy that laptop at WalMart” debate: I can get a Palm Tungsten E2 and a keyboard for less dough. And that would not only save me from setting foot in a Wal*Mart on Black … Continue reading

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Decisions, decisions…

I have a problem. Here is the situation: Black Friday (the awesome day of sales after Thanksgiving) is coming. I really, really need a new laptop. (my current one is a ’95 Thinkpad on its very last legs.) Rumor has … Continue reading


Drat that Pandagon

I’m catching up on my Pandagon reading (it’s a feminist/liberal politics/music/stuff blog), and keep seeing things I should blog. But I think it’d be faster to just say “go read Pandagon, it is awesome” and leave it at that. The … Continue reading

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