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The generation gap is not f’n metal.

So, Rich has this awesome set of pix: Comic Con is F’n Metal. I sent the link to my Dad… who asked about both “F’n” and “Metal.” Here’s the explanation I sent…

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I don’t know how to say it better than they already have: In its 1972 debut issue, Ms. magazine ran a bold petition in which 53 well-known U.S. women declared that they had undergone abortions – despite state laws rendering … Continue reading



The power went out at work today, so we got to go home early. Woo! Two of my buddies from work, Rich and Peter, are now hanging out at Youhaas Global enjoying the AC and the alcohol, and playing PS2. … Continue reading


Patience and Fortitude

by Nicholas Basbanes Hooray! I have been looking forward to reading this ever since I finished A Gentle Madness. Yay!

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An Assembly Such as This

Gah. I wanted to like this book, I really did, but … wow. If they’re going to publish fanfiction, can’t they at least publish the fic I like? This book is basically Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice from Darcy’s point … Continue reading

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Well! Thanks to my awesome network of friends, I have learned the identity of The Critter in the Road. It’s a Red Swamp Crawfish, and is listed as an invasive species here in CA. Thanks, Carolyn and Sarah!! Awesome. And … Continue reading



Yep, we‘re at Coffee Society, where are you? The train of conversation that prompted me to pull out my computer: Aliens bursting out of people’s chests Tom: “Why don’t aliens bust out of other places?” … like say, your nose. … Continue reading


Eek! No! Not more feminism! And a rant, too, nooooooooooo!

Dammit. Why must anti-porn/anti-prostitution feminists lump all porn and prostitution together??? *sigh* I was going to comment there, but realized I had too much to say, and that most of it had little to do with the actual entry. [Begin … Continue reading



There’s something pleasant about watching a bunch of smart, angry people tear a forced-birth (aka “prolife”) moron to shreds. Voila. Warning: swearing, stupidity, and general asshatery.

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I took this test, in which you must decide whether a series of names are web 2.0 applications or Star Wars characters. I got 37/43 correct. Go me. I am such a geek.

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