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Invisible Illness Meme

Last week was Invisible Illness Week! I had no idea. Better late than never, though, so I’ll post this now: 30 Things About My Invisible Illness You May Not Know The illness I live with is: Fibromyalgia I was diagnosed … Continue reading

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“What Makes People Want to Play Rock Band and Guitar Hero?”

So Gary Marcus wrote an article on Guitar Hero and Rock Band purporting to examine their popularity. He put my hackles up with his first sentence: In some ways, Guitar Hero and Rock Band seem like the stupidest games on … Continue reading


Catching up: Capsules

OK, I’ve been really, REALLY bad about keeping up with my booklog lately. So, here are capsules of the books I’ve finished but not blogged: 16. Will I Ever Be Good Enough? – A great self-help workbook. 17. The Principles … Continue reading

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