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Another Year Gone? Sheesh…

Wow, here comes 2003. The third anniversary of my time with The Red Pages. My 25th year (well, starting in March if you want to be fussy about it). The second year of the new millenium. Dayummm. Not much else … Continue reading


PromoGuy’s Monday Mission 2.52

This week’s Monday Mission.

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This article by Ben Stein is wonderful. That man is spot-on, I am so serious. Admittedly I have less of a problem with having an intellectual elite than he does (since I’m part of that elusive top whatever percent) but … Continue reading

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Ha! Apparently, some parents don’t think human sacrifice belongs in a gradeschool dramatic production. What spoilsports. Oh, well. This marvellous condensed script of The Two Towers is brilliant. Not from The Editing Room, but still very funny. Found that one … Continue reading

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Stuff like this just enrages me. Airport security are so hyped up and power-drunk, it’s outrageous. Even if that story isn’t true, the fact that it’s at least partially believable shows how out-of-hand the situation has gotten. Grrrr. On a … Continue reading

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Friday Five

A bit late. Yes, I suck. Here’s the Friday Five.


The Dominion Of Miss Haas returns

So I have my own nation over at, which allows me to simulate running my own private country. Since I decided to run it like I run a middle-school classroom, I made my national animal the seventh grader. Now, … Continue reading

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Just a quick “holy cow” post

170 people have clicked from The Very Secret Diaries through to my home page in the last three days. And over 1600 people have viewed the Diaries in the last three days. Dayummm. And I haven’t even updated with the … Continue reading

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More links!

One of the cool things about reading through Antwon‘s archives is that I occasionally stumble across some cool link that he found a couple years ago that’s still around and active. This is schweet, as then I can share it … Continue reading

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holy carp!

I just looked at the folder in my email inbox labeled “BlogLinks” and it’s got 68 messages in it. Sixty-eight. Clearly I need to quit filing messages with interesting links and start posting the blasted things. And since I’m doing … Continue reading

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