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Doing good

Two opportunities to do good: The Berkeley Humane Society’s Emergency Medical Fund featured pet at the moment is a puppy named Uber. She was left in their drop box at 7 weeks old with a broken and infected jaw. They … Continue reading

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Blog for Choice!

Today is Blog for Choice day. I’m late posting, but couldn’t let the anniversary of Roe v. Wade go by without posting. Women’s reproductive rights are under siege in this country — even my home state of California was a … Continue reading



Man. My blogroll is getting outta control! Nevermind my actual RSS aggregator list. Feh. So: NOTICE! I am cleaning out my blogroll, tidying it up so it’ll be a bit more useful. For one thing, I’m taking out the list … Continue reading

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2007 Mix

My mix for 2007 is done! WOO! Now I just have to burn CDs for them as want ’em. As usual, my rules for this were a lot looser than the ones some of my friends use. For a song … Continue reading

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Bucket List

Wow. Roger Ebert savaged The Bucket List. I rather enjoyed the film, but I suspect that is largely because I am neither 70 nor a (current or former) cancer patient. Ebert is not the former, but he is the latter. … Continue reading

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Giving Unconscious Mutterings a try again… Dream big :: President Competition :: Ribbons (horseback riding competition) Torn :: Natalie Imbruglia Modeling :: Scrawny Coaster :: Beer (close second: One Fierce Beer Coaster -> Bloodhound Gang Slut :: narrow-minded Spread :: … Continue reading

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2007 In Review

Hm. I read 25 books last year, according to my booklog (The Lost One doesn’t count, cos I’m still reading it). I feel like I must’ve finished a book between November 30 and December 31, but apparently not. Sigh. I … Continue reading

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What I’ve been reading lately

New Yorker piece on Giulianni makes me loathe him even more than I did already. Ditto this An Oral History of Rudy Giuliani’s Temper. In a piece from Hilary Clinton’s Senate bid a while back, Sars lays out why she … Continue reading

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Charlie Wilson’s War

This piece about the new film Charlie Wilson’s War is a solid one, and I strongly suggest that anybody who has seen or is thinking about seeing the film read it. I also suggest that anybody interested in modern politics … Continue reading

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Journal vs. Blog

Fadethecat on why she has a journal, not a blog. The journal vs. blog debate has been going on for ages, and I think she sums up the difference really well. Journals are like the journals folks used to (or … Continue reading

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