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I recently vacationed in Portland, OR. Portland, as you may know, is the home of Powell’s Books, which is sort of like Mecca for bibliophiles. It’s a bookstore that takes up an entire block, and has several satellite shops. Let … Continue reading

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Some Thinking out Loud

I am used to having diametrically opposed impulses. I’m a pack rat! But I love order and cleanliness and organization! I’m lazy! But I want to do everything in the world! Etc. As occasionally happens for me, now I’m having … Continue reading

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Books I’ve read so far in 2010, since Absolute Sandman and The Dance of Intimacy: Parable of the Talents (book 3 in 2010) Aleister Crowley and the Pratice of the Magical Diary (book 4) The Abhorsen Trilogy (books 5, 6, … Continue reading

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