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Notes from She’s Geeky

This is my notes post for She’s Geeky. Instead of doing a separate post for each session, I’m just going to keep adding to this post as I go to things.

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2008 Book Wrap-up

Somewhat belated, a list of the books I read last year! Surviving a Borderline Parent Mossad Exodus The Lost One: A Life of Peter Lorre Deja Dead Healing the Child Within Women, Work, And Autoimmune Disease Rain Fall The Adventures … Continue reading

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Triumph of the Moon

By Ronald Hutton Holy crap, I finally finished it. Never thought I’d see the day. Now, don’t get me wrong: I really like this book. It should be required reading by anyone looking to call themselves Wiccan, maybe even anyone … Continue reading

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Ebert, wtf?

I’ve always held Roger Ebert in great esteem, and been particularly fond of his written reviews. But his review of “Inkheart” makes me wonder if he fell asleep during the middle. For one thing, he describes Dustfinger as a villain. … Continue reading


Blog for Choice 2009


Excitement at the Apartment

Today at lunch, I went out to run errands. One of the errands was picking up Mauser’s meds, which have to be refrigerated. I dropped by the apartment to drop them off, and while I was there, I noticed someone’s … Continue reading


Overheard: Girls and Sports

I just overheard two of my male coworkers talking about their daughters’ involvement in sports. One of them said that his daughters do gymnastics and he likes that, because it’s good for balance and keeping healthy — but that he … Continue reading


The Unseen University Cut-Out Book

By Terry Pratchett There’s not much to read here, just a couple of introductory bits. The art is lovely, and I’m sorely tempted to buy a second copy and cut everything out to build it. So awesome! Book 1 in … Continue reading

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The Absolute Sandman: Volume 2

By Neil Gaiman, et al Wow. I loved the first volume, and I loved the second even more. This is pretty much the same setup as the first volume, though apparently the colors weren’t fixed as much, if at all. … Continue reading

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Aikido and Feminism

Good grief, I’ve been quiet, haven’t I? Well, if you’ve been watching my Flickr stream, you know I passed my brown belt test. Tons of pix here. While I was testing, I thought I was doing terribly, but I’m always … Continue reading