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Sweeps week continues! My friend TrenchWench works at the aquarium where that ball of fluff lives. I am so envious.

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The Matador

My review of The Matador is up. Rawk.

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A question

I have a zillion MP3s. OK, only about 3000, but for ME that’s a lot. Anyway, I really want to reclassify their genres. I’ve been puttin it off but it’s starting to really irk me the way I have my … Continue reading


Sweeeeeps week!

It’s sweeps week, people! Wooot. ‘course, I’ve been so busy that I’m not at all sure what to post for Sweeps Week. Photos of my cats? Well…. they’re already available on Flickr. I’m not really into the whole posting-nekkid-pix thing. … Continue reading

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Important lessons

Well, I learned an important lesson this week: don’t cut any prescription drugs cold turkey without double-checking with someone (like, say, your Doctor, or possibly teh intarnets) that you can do so without going into withdrawal. To make a long … Continue reading


Blog Sweeps Week is coming…

Blog Sweeps Week is coming! I’ve been fiddling around in Photoshop to make banners, and here are my early efforts:

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Review up

My review of Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World is up, yay! This was a hard one to write. Brooks’ comedy is so subtle that the fact the film is a satire is going right over most people’s heads, … Continue reading

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I checked out some of the projects of the various people I met last night whose work I wasn’t familiar with, and I am really glad I did! Dig this stuff: I looked at the company Wae Yip works for … Continue reading

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Oh Em Gee!

Last night I went to a dinner thing hosted by Scott Johnson (formerly of Feedster and co-author of O’Reilly’s Essential Blogging). Dad and he go way back, which is kewl. There were tons of people there who work for awesome … Continue reading

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Dating geeks

My dad sent me a link to Maryamie’s do’s and don’ts of dating a geek. That led me to a handful of other places: Maryamie’sIn Defense of Geeks or Ten Reasons Why You Should Date a Geek, plenty more reasons … Continue reading

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