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I Have Long Hair Because I’m Lazy

Long hair is a Thing in my family. One of my aunts has hair so long she can sit on it, even when it’s braided. My mom’s had hair down to her waist as long as I can remember, and … Continue reading

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Someone I follow on Twitter retweeted this: pourmecoffee: Spoiler Alert: People who found way to enjoy story of a Spider-Man are about to tweet that The Newsroom isn’t realistic. On one hand, I can see the humor in it. Ha, … Continue reading

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Food Poisoning of the Brain

Written for the In Good Company Project. It wasn’t the first time, and it won’t be the last: curled up in front of the toilet, praying my stomach was empty, and mourning the loss of what had been a very … Continue reading

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Stuff: Good or Bad?

While watching Adam Baker’s TED talk, I was really struck when he talked about accumulating experiences instead of accumulating stuff by going into debt. I’ve been talking a lot with Nate about our approaches to stuff lately. I place a … Continue reading

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Why Are Movie Reviewers So Mean?

Recently I watched “Heckler,” Jamie Kennedy’s documentary about comedians dealing with hecklers and other critics. A big section in the film talks about movie critics, I presume because so many comedians are in both standup (where you get hecklers) and … Continue reading

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Rant Time! “Hey fatty, wear our clothes and look less ugly!”

I was ranting about this over on Facebook but decided it deserved a full-on blog post rantorama. So! Warning: swearing, bullshit sexism, fashion-industry-offensiveness (ok, I’m repeating myself), etc. You in? Let’s do this.

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